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What is the New Normal? #DigiBlogChat on Twitter

What is the New Normal? #DigiBlogChat on Twitter image

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

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The topic for this week’s #Digiblogchat by Carol Stephen is: What is the new normal?! Questions are by @FinolaSloyanPR. Thank you, Finola! Here are the questions:

What is the New Normal? #DigiBlogChat on Twitter image

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Q1. Rather than rushing into simply going back to how we were all living pre Covid-19, we now have an opportunity to address issues concerning the environment and social & economic problems. What is your vision for how we\the world might develop as we leave lockdown?

Q2. Diversity must feature in the New Normal: When you have a diverse internal workplace with different viewpoints, abilities, skillsets & perspectives, you are better representing your customer & partner base. How are you addressing this?

Q3. Have you identified any innovative ideas providing solutions for businesses, that would otherwise have no relevance during COVID?

Q4. Automation: There will be a sustained move to digital and to cloud across the next 24 months and a huge increase in automation for certain types of work. Do you agree automation isn’t a job-killer in today’s economic environment and is becoming a mandatory capability to deal with a crisis?

Q5. What will replace your planned holidays abroad in this ‘New Normal’ and are you happy to not travel to another country?

Q6. With jobs at the heart of how work gets done, leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine them by rearranging work and having employees take on different responsibilities to better respond to the evolving needs of their organizations, customers, and employees. Do you agree and what do you propose?

Q7. Technology companies are having to innovate at lightening speed to help businesses to be fit for purpose for the future, using technology to have those human moments of contact. Post COVID will we see a redress to community values, particularly as the world is going to be economically challenged?

Q8. Going forward we can anticipate permanent flexibility with a hybrid situation between people working from home at least half of the time, and physical offices for in-person meetings. Is this your vision?

Q9. COVID is preventing business travel. Are email and virtual meeting platforms replacing traditional face-to-face meetings satisfactorily?

Q10. The question to ask during a time such as this is ‘what is my role in society in the New Normal?’

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