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Public Relations

PR Strategy

Starting with Why you do what you do and What is your purpose will help to finesse your audience and start to have conversations with them.  Being relevant is to know what your audience is talking about, what they care about and to know these things, we have to consistently listen and adjust.

What is required for your ideal client to get them noticed?  Creating personalized content and conversations relevant to the Buyer’s challenges and interests in real time, adapting quickly to the changing needs of Buyers. 

Understanding the new, hybrid customer’s behavior and how to engage with them with new value propositions.

PR and the Media

Gaining media exposure with opinions as a thought leadership via a blog article presents an individual as an expert in a specific field.  A published article in a quality industry website points back to your own site(s) and helps you to be discovered by Search Engines like Google, Bing, Others.  It is the media’s job to find newsworthy stories for their readers and it is my job to identify a suitable opportunity to promote stories and create awareness of the brand, personal or corporate.

Places to share thoughts as an expert or specialist in a certain field include social media | video interviews | press releases and media articles |  In-person events or attending as a robot |  case studies  |  blog articles – talk about what’s happening  |  website  |   social audio sites

Social Media Profiles and Social Media Messages

Crafting timely messages specific to your target audience, shared to the social platforms your customers are on.

Pairing your social media updates with visual assets increases engagement.

LinkedIn Workshops & Profiles

Achieve an All Star LinkedIn profile to help you to be found by your target client by designing a profile structure that matches your customer’s buying process.Get discovered for your specialties and referenced; if you’re not being cited on certain topics, it’s all a bit pointless …

Thought Leadership Best Online Practices

Authentic TLs in the technology sector create content that actively provides the best and deepest answers to your customers’ biggest questions and in formats your customer likes to consume.

The content reflects the fact that they are listening to the needs of the community and are not developing content for the sole purpose of promoting themselves.  A Thought Leader will want to share information that resonates with the company’s target audience, with words that stimulate conversation to inspire change or action.

Organizations will be able to recognize a Thought Leader in its best internal subject matter experts, usually those others look up to, or lean on, to address common and complex issues your customers face.

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