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Finola Sloyan Public Relations image

“I believe public relations is of strategic value to a business in helping it to communicate with its audience.  The more we know about a company, the clearer the mental image we develop of it, the more inclined we are to buy from it.”

I am a brand-building PR addressing customer pain points by outlining the benefits of a service or a product via digital channels. Objective: to encourage two-way conversations among specific groups in the technology industry.

​I believe that people buy from brands they know and trust and without this, business is impossible.  Brands must be constantly relevant.  Digital business transformation has transformed the way organizations operate. Understanding new, hybrid customer behavior and how best to engage for the digital environment is part of the overall picture for brands.

Every day I work at keeping brands visible and I do this by ensuring communications shared are relevant and timely for a business’s target audience. 

​Advances in technology give people far greater access to each other and to a steady flow of information, however, the result of this is that we can be less trusting of our institutions.  Businesses are just people and bringing out people’s personalities and specialties helps to form an opinion and an emotional connection.

Digitization has expanded my reach and enabled greater work-life integration. I have also worked in Europe (Dublin, Marbella, Paris), America (New York), West Africa (Accra) and England (Portsmouth, London).

“Finola has an ability to organise effortlessly, and with a huge amount of natural charm, anything we have ever requested. Finola’s social and language skills are immensely useful in a business setting and allow us to focus on our customers and not on the event.”
Alastair Bell, Founder – Bell Integration (formerly Bell Microsystems)
United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Poland

“Finola stressed the importance of having a good online profile to actively position me, my skills and the value of what Media 15 offers our customers. she advised what would make my online presence more likely to be viewed, such as outlining the problems we solve and make our ideal prospect curious to know more. I recognise and acknowledge the importance of promoting brand awareness, both on and off-line, and am therefore happy my personal branding accurately reflects where I am today.” 
Dominic Matterson MD, Media 16 and Media 15, London, United Kingdom

“Finola Sloyan has been managing the Facebook page for our four busy nurseries for the last six months; she has also created and promoted an advertising campaign for two different initiatives we decided to run as a business.  I am very happy with the highly professional and prompt service Finola provides and delighted to recommend her as a digital marketer.”
 Mahyar Mortazavi BSc, CEO Wee Gems Holdings Ltd 
Edinburgh, Broxburn, Livingston, Armadale (Scotland)