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“I believe public relations is of strategic value to a business in helping it to communicate with its audience.  The more we know about a company, the clearer the mental image we develop of it, the more inclined we are to buy from it.”

Finola Sloyan

Competitive differentiators

Businesses are about the people in them. Bringing out people’s personalities and specialties in print helps to form an opinion about someone of interest, their purpose and identity. I work with individuals and companies in the technology sector to help to communicate a brand’s purpose and become known for what makes them leaders in their field.

Where I communicate

Opinion and thought leadership pieces are shared in industry media, social media and blog articles on company sites. My goal is to inform and deliver a brand’s messages to the right audience. It will be topical, relevant to readers, and timely.

Some background about me

Growing up in an island nation, I knew from an early age I wanted to ‘get away’ to new places and learn about life elsewhere. I was lucky to get a job in La Defense, Paris after college where I spent more than three years.

I’ve worked in Europe (Dublin, Marbella, Paris), America (New York), West Africa (Accra) and England (Portsmouth, London).

Straight out of college in Ireland where I studied Communications and Commercial French, I was hired by a company subcontracted to IBM in La Defence, Paris. The company catered for the senior IBM exec’s move from wherever in the world, to Paris, for the 3-4 years. Boy, were they spoiled back then! I was completely immersed in the French culture and I think this is the only way we can learn how to speak and think in another language. I meet up with ex colleagues\friends every year.

When friends moved to New York from Paris, I followed and got a job with an art consultancy in the East Village.

Later on, with a new husband, I moved to Accra in West Africa and was accepted by the Canadian High Commission as its consular officer with a mandate to protect Canadians, and Australians, in distress. I also interpreted from French to English for the Mission’s immigration section. Simultaneously, I registered an arts & crafts export business and spent many weekends travelling to meet with highly talented crafts people throughout Ghana, buying from them directly. Leaving Ghana was bitter sweet and I am thrilled to be going to an engagement party there in 2025.

Back in Ireland from Ghana, I found myself working in the NGO sector and loved it. This sector is like no other – you can be doing live media interviews one minute on national channels, to hanging in the background with props during photo-shoots, to driving to the middle of nowhere for a cheque presentation – and smiling. Essentially, it’s all about the people and supporting those affected by the cause. During this time, I studied for a Public Relations diploma for two years at night with the Fitzwilliam Institute, to support what I’d been doing in practice for many years.

I became a member of Chartered Institute of Public Relations in 2006.

I moved to the South of Spain in the 00s and founded a business targeting the high-end golfer. Weather, top class golf courses, a mix of serious golf and culture is a very attractive proposal. Coming from a golfing family, it seemed like the a logical business to invest in.

I founded Sloyan Public Relations in 2015 after moving to England in 2014 to be near to my sister and her family. I don’t have any plans to move! I am thankful to be working as a PR professional in an industry that plays a crucial role in our work and personal lives, technology.

“Finola has an ability to organise effortlessly, and with a huge amount of natural charm, anything we have ever requested. Finola’s social and language skills are immensely useful in a business setting and allow us to focus on our customers and not on the event.”
Alastair Bell, Founder – Bell Integration (formerly Bell Microsystems)
United Kingdom, India.

“As someone who has been involved in sales and marketing for decades, I have learned to respect those who walk the talk. One of those individuals is Finola Sloyan.
I have come to know and engage with her over the past few years, as a result of our mutual involvement in social media. I quickly grew to respect her based on her content, professional conduct, and passion for what she’s doing.
One of her real strengths is her worldly knowledge. Having lived in Africa, the U.S., and a number of countries in Europe, she brings a different perspective to things. Having traveled extensively over the years, I can’t stress enough the benefits this brings in dealing with different communications issues and other challenges. It’s something you just can’t learn from a textbook.
I’m looking forward to ongoing engagement with Finola. I know that I can continue to learn from her and value her guidance. I can honestly recommend that you give her consideration if you are looking to hire an experienced PR and communications professional to serve your business, she should be given top consideration. I know you won’t be disappointed.”
Jeff Sheehan, Author and Social Media Thought Leader 
Atlanta, USA – July 2022

“Finola stressed the importance of having a good online profile to actively position me, my skills and the value of what Media 15 and Media 16 offer our customers. She advised what would make my brand more likely to be noticed, such as outlining our solutions and making our ideal prospect curious to know more. I recognise and acknowledge the importance of promoting brand awareness, both on and off-line, and am therefore happy my personal branding accurately reflects where I am today.” 
Dominic Matterson, MD of Media 15 and Media 16, London, United Kingdom