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Twitter – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

#DigiBlogChat is a chat on Twitter about social media, blogging, privacy concerns and digital topics. It takes place every Tuesday at 10pm CEST | 9pm UK & Portugal | 4pm EDT | 1pm PDT.  Our topic on 11th July was to talk about Twitter’s situation since Elon Musk took it over, and, to find out if we all plan on staying. We also discussed Meta’s Threads.

I was particularly interested in knowing of people who’ve built up a community and follower count on Twitter if they plan on stayingsee answers to Q2.

Q1.  Why are you on Twitter?

Q2.  Having built up a community and follower count on Twitter, do you plan on staying here?

Q3.  People have negative feelings towards Twitter pushing us to pay. If you have paid to be verified, what benefits do you see?

Q4. Musk was quick to flag the amount of data that may be collected by Threads. Do you care about your data’s privacy?

Q5. The media and politicians are one of the biggest cohorts on Twitter and the main reason people are on the platform. True of False?

A6.  Reels have been a success for Instagram, emulating the TikTok model. Is Threads a copy of Twitter, does it matter?

Q7.  Would the collection of your data and not knowing how it is being used make you think twice about being on a social platform, or is this something you just can’t escape?

Q8.  Jack Dorsey launched Bluesky in February. Have you signed up and what’s your experience?

9. Mastodon “we present a vision of social media that cannot be bought and owned by any billionaire”. Are you on Mastodon?

10. Finally, can we ever hope for a social platform that welcomes a diverse and inclusive world – thoughts?

Follow up chat

👉 If you have a question about how a Twitter Chat works and are curious to take part in one, drop a comment below.  There are many Twitter chats to choose from, I stay with #DigiBlogChat because of the people in it – feels a bit like a family!

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