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Twitter Polls – How reliable are they?

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I ran a poll in March that received 25 votes.  Shortly after this, an influencer with a large Twitter following said that in order for a Twitter poll to be effective you’d need close to 100 votes for the result to be worthwhile.  The influencer uses her polls’ results to personalise product offerings or services to her audience/customers and to gather data about her audience’s preferences.

Ultimately, the main objective of brands engaging on social is to promote services and products and people. Twitter polls can do this in a concise and interactive way.

Breaking down the findings of my poll via Twitter Analytics gave me more data

  • 2 people visited my profile – this means that these two people saw my poll and then clicked on my profile link to check me out.
  • It had 66 engagements – Twitter engagement refers to all the ways people interact with my brand and includes likes, retweets, replies, brand mentions, follows, embedded media and links.  Engagement is an indicator of how popular my brand is here.
  • 411 impressions – this is how many times my poll showed in someone’s timeline in a month.  Twitter impressions are one of the indicators of brand presence.

Voting is anonymous

When someone votes in a poll, their participation isn’t shown to others — neither the poll creator nor other participants can see who has voted or how they voted.  This should make the data reliable.

Anyone who has voted is notified when the poll has closed and can see the result. 

Why people poll

  • Twitter polls help to secure audience data
  • It becomes easier for you to determine what you should be doing for your brand as you come to know your audience
  • Polls can be used to ask for opinions and predictions 
  • Twitter polls are highly favoured by Twitter’s algorithm.  The more engagement with it, the more positive signals sent to the algo.

By the way…

I ran another poll asking my audience how many votes a Twitter poll needs to be considered reliable.  I received this answer from Jeff Sheehan

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