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The PR toolkit has changed in ten years

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Updated: Oct 4

When I studied public relations between 2004 & 2006 the main Public Relations tome referenced was ‘Public Relations a practical approach’ by Ellen Gunning. In the ‘Publics & Techniques’ section we were told “the best form of communications, always, is face to face. Second best probably is personal contact by telephone, followed by contact in writing (letter, fax, e-mail).”

How the business landscape has changed in 10 years! Face-to-face is the ideal way to meet and do business however today, isn’t always possible and remote communication offers a practical alternative.

Face-to-face still works the magic, and I know this from organising events, however when you also contribute to content creation on social media platforms, blog articles, media titles, videos – wherever your customer and prospect are likely to be – the benefits are that your business will connect with your target audience a lot faster, as well as build powerful followings on digital channels.

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