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Keeping your brand active when working remotely

Keeping your brand active when working remotely image

Updated: Sep 15

Keeping your brand active when working remotely image

At the end of February 2020, I was asked to help craft a message for social media in response to how Covid-19 might affect businesses throughout the country. It seemed like a good idea, an opportunity for the company to respond to a potential demand for one its products (laptops) and we were all over it! The sales’ people wanted to be proactive, just in case things got worse. Little did we know the situation would deteriorate as quickly as it has and the workers say their Inboxes have been inundated with requests. See a blog article I wrote about this experience.

Skip forward two weeks and we have entered a new world of work in which people are being encouraged to think differently about their working behaviours and disciplines. In these past two weeks the virus seems to have crept into every corner of society, with a warning today from the British prime minister to avoid pubs, restaurants, theatres and non-essential travel.

I have worked remotely for years and enjoy it. A virtual business like mine is ready and set up to provide the services I do, with all the required infrastructure in place. For me, nothing changes, it’s business as usual.

Except that I suspect it’s not going to be.

It’s probably true to say that we are all going to be spending more time online, almost everyone, so here are my tips for thinking about how to present your personal brand digitally:

  • LinkedIn: amend your LinkedIn profile to reflect what is happening today, so that it continues to speak to your ideal prospect #BusinessContinuity
  • Bio: tweak the bios on the social platforms you are on. Let people know you are still open for business and how you can help with their pain points #BusinessContinuity
  • Video: start practicing telling your story on video. You will have the luxury of a quiet space at home – many, not all – and lots of opportunity to get used to speaking on camera.
  • Articles: either start to write articles and LinkedIn posts, or write more of them. Focus on getting your personal brand better known to your target market and being visible for the areas you have expertise in.
  • Your brand: know your brand. How can it be used to lead by example in a time of crises? Communicate this.
  • Communication with your customers: important for people in all disciplines of work to keep clients informed of what’s happening, and vica versa. Keep your information accurate and reliable and you will be remembered for being honest and trustworthy in a time of crises.
  • Communicate – general: Video chat apps like #Zoom #Skype and #MicrosoftTeams are being trialed by us all and are a god send to those not used to working remotely. Fending off feelings of isolation via the communication channels available to us is vital for staying connected and for our sanity.

I will continue to do my utmost best to help businesses keep their brand in front of those that matter to them and to help companies and individuals successfully navigate this disruption. I imagine we all want the same thing, which is to keep going and fight this virus, this adversity.

Without a doubt this is a serious situation, but it is temporary. The lessons we learn and the impact we have on those around us will remain long after any virus.

Wishing everyone well over the coming months. See you online.

In this Twitter chat about the topic, see some people’s feedback, with some hilarity!

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