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I Come From Poems

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Updated: Sep 25

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Tara with her brother, Rory.

Celebrated author, Juno Dawson, visited my niece’s school, Portsmouth Grammar (PGS) this month and asked the Year 10 pupils to write in a single word where they come from. And then to add more words and phrases relating to the senses, favourite restaurants/takeaways and feelings.

In 15 minutes Tara wrote the following:

I come from a freezing environment, a synonym of England

I come from thick white Debenhams bed sheets to heal my frozen fingers

I come from a savoury lifestyle, with carrs water crackers as my default snack.

I come from White Company winter candles, used to mask the smell of burnt eggs

I come from Sunday roasts, a method to fit in with a traditional English family

I come from perfectly shaped bay trees, which act as a magnet to nosey Southsea mothers

I come from bingeing Gossip Girl, in a way to blend real problems with fictional ones

I come from Earl grey tea, which always seems to get too cold through excess amounts of milk

I come from endless Einaudi piano pieces, in which I am never able to achieve the right tempo

I come from loving parents who set way too high expectation of old fashioned romance in Dublin

Tara’s aunt was Hilary Bell, who tragically died too young. Hilary’s many accomplishments included winning a BAFTA. Tara and Hilary would have had much in common.

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