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Andy Green’s Desiderata 2020

Andy Green's Desiderata 2020 image

Updated: Sep 25

Andy Green's Desiderata 2020 image

Andy Green and friends have created a website to overcome what has been a difficult year for so many and to overcome Lockdown blues by growing kindness during the 5 days of Twixtmas. All we have to do is a random act of kindness during the Twixtmas break and encourage others to do likewise by using the hashtag #TwixtmasKindness on social media.

Andy also wrote his own personal Desiderata, here it is:

You can’t create a Mexican Wave by yourself, Find good people out there who think the same.

Say ‘Good morning’ to strangers. And change the words after noon.

Don’t buy from businesses that don’t pay their taxes. And don’t shop on the Internet after a glass or two. I’ve got a jumper that should be in a pantomime to prove the point.

Always check the Trust scores of brands you’ve never heard of. Shopping local means not having to check their Trust score.

Keep the receipts from DIY shops. Because sometimes your beautiful plans don’t quite work out.

Don’t beat yourself up for things you cannot control. And remember you can only give others the choice they deserve. Don’t let people in power say ‘They mispoke’.

And find out who it is that’s hanging dog poo bags on trees.

Check out who your local councillor is. Thank them, then ask them a question. Think of an excuse to speak to a neighbour. What’s their name, their story and help them when you can.

Wash your hands while singing your favourite song. Don’t tickle your hands with the water. Keep your distance in pandemics. You’re doing it for other people, not yourself.

Listen to the words of your old Nan. Mine said, ‘Talk happiness, people have troubles of their own’. She also said, ‘Let the world be a brighter place for your treading its way’. I miss my old Nan, but I won’t let any grandchildren of mine forget her.

We always live in the best of the times, and the worst. Remember that scene in ‘Schindler’s List’ where the guy says, ‘How can things get worse?’ They do, so celebrate the now.

Your DNA and dreams are unique. Make the most of them. Especially with your own Mexican Wave.


Andy is a Fellow of the CIPR and RSA and is a founder supporter of The Dublin Conversations.

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