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Portrait Photography

Naomi Lloyd

In-person profile photos for your personal brand.

Contact Naomi at to arrange a professional profile shoot for your personal brand | In-person photo shoots in South East England only.

Remote Photo Shoots via a smart device and Wi-Fi connection

Professional headshots for your LinkedIn profile and Business Website | from the photographer’s location to your home office | tripod required for your phone for best results || click here to arrange a conversation

“none of the images displayed here were created via smartphone. They were all shot under studio lights with a professional DSLR. Examples of remote work can be shared if a client is interested” – Sean Hayes.

Find out more about Sean Hayes

Sean has over 35 years of experience working as an advertising creative for multinational agencies and their clients in 5 European countries. He has won numerous industry awards for creativity and marketing effectiveness for myriad clients across multiple categories of products and services. Sean is also a passionate photographer, and his work has been exhibited and awarded internationally.