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VLOGS: An Insight Into Video Blogging

February 17, 2019



So, you’re probably sitting by your computer right now researching the benefits/drawbacks, pros and cons of video blogging (vlogging) for your business and stumbled across this article. Well you’ve definitely come to the right place!



Everyone in this day and age wants information quickly and watching a video is always going to be quicker than reading a block of text.  Everyone loves watching videos! 

Did you know 6 billion hours of video is streamed on YouTube every month?  92 percent of mobile viewers share these videos with one another; that just goes to show you that everyone loves to watch and share videos.


Native video on LinkedIn is a great way to add a little colour to your business, and help  stand out from the competition.  During my research studies for this article, I read that in 2017, 74 percent of all internet traffic was videos, which were subjected to increase year by year.  Why not get ahead of the game?


Some Statistics


Wyzowl survey 2018 discovered that  81% percent of marketers use video as essential marketing tool. And out of those business;


  1. 99% of businesses who use video say they will continue to do so in 2018. (the same percentage as last year)

  2. 85% of businesses regard video as an important part of their marketing strategy. (up from 82% in 2017)

  3. 82% of businesses plan to spend more on video marketing in 2018. (the same percentage as last year)

  4. 78% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI. (down from 83% in 2017)


There are a number of ways you can incorporate video into your content strategy on your social media account, take LinkedIn for example; think about how you are currently using LinkedIn and then ask yourself, how can you supplement your current content with video to help yourself stand out?



Why You Should Vlog your Business.

Lets take a page our of the book from Forbes published article writer, Willam Aruda;


  1. Video blogs tells the brand’s story; they create a visual identity for the business and create social awareness for the business.

  2. Vlogging is great is because it's effortless for your viewers too.

  3. Through your vlogs, you can target specific audience and issues.

  4. Vlogging is a great way of creatively engaging your audience, conveying your product and service out there quickly.

  5. Quite frankly simple; it's just you or someone else in your business, talking to a camera.

  6. It’s advisable to keep in mind that people are viewing your account to make decisions about you.

  7. Create the videos yourself or do a search in YouTube to find videos that help you elucidate and amplify your message.

  8. Adding video creates a positive, authentic and brand impression to your profile.

  9. Adding video to your profile helps confirm that you are the expert you say you are - include videos in the Summary, Experience and Education sections of your profile. 

  10. Share video content with others through LinkedIn - great way to add value and form connections with various members.

  11. Embed videos in your posts, make the words uniquely yours, exude your personality to produce a richer experience to those interested in your topic.


By setting yourself up as a business that vlogs, you have the chance to become an innovator in this field.  Video is also valuable beyond LinkedIn. It’s the future of personal branding. Using LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube as platforms to hone your video communications skills now will help you prepare for when video becomes our primary communications tool.




…you seem like you need more convincing…



How About We Look at a few Successful Vloggers;

MKBHD (Marques Brown Lee), Roberto Blake and Sunny Lenarduzzi.


MKBHD is a Tech enthusiast famously recognised for his technology focused videos on Youtube.  With over 7 million subscribers and over 1 billion views, Brownlee was called "The best technology reviewer on the planet right now'' in 2013 by the former senior Vice President, Social for Google, Vic Gundotra.  Vlogging for Brownlee is a actively using his platform to promote businesses, connect/expose viewers to  various tech brands, in as much as building himself as a brand worth businesses investments.


Lenarduzzi is a prime example of ascension from obscurity to global fame by vlogging. Hold for the applause. Sunny Lenarduzzi is best known amongst business heads. In fact, she is also titled as a ‘social media rock star’. Her simple and appealing production style compliments the topics, and the contents are branded well enough to support brand consistency.


Roberto Blake has a very interesting way of vlogging. His approach to vlogging is in itself exemplary: “Always be creating”. Aside from the cool watermark on Blake’s videos, he always manages to touch on topics ranging from business advice to helping other content creators.


Vlogging is relatively a new concept for businesses, but you'll be pleased to know that it has been tried and tested by a handful of successful companies.  One of which is Matt Cutts: Google’s Leader of Google's Web Spam Team. He regularly posted short vlogs on YouTube.



In other words: everyone is doing it! What are you waiting for?






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