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Consider the Platform when Crafting Messages

August 18, 2017

In this article, I want to discuss the importance of considering the social platform we are posting to when crafting a message, so that it is a good fit for its personality.


The idea for this piece came about after speaking with a marketing professional who told me their company posts the exact same message across their four or five social platforms. Why?  The message fits within Twitter's 140 character limit, using #Hootsuite to schedule.


I believe that each social channel has a unique set of expectations, based not just on a company's brand, but on the platform itself.  People know to expect a formal, courteous and business-like tone with LinkedIn, whereas Twitter's personality is informal and snappy - messages for one are very carefully crafted as if pitching to a customer and with the other, people write as they talk.  


Most people see the sense in scheduling social media messages with a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer, and it's easy to blast a single message across platforms.  I prefer to craft unique messages for each channel, keeping audience expectation in mind and from seeing the same message multiple times (if following on more than one platform).  And yes, that entails putting in the extra time to personalise the message to your target audience on the platform they spend time on.  On social media platforms, just as in real life, you have to spend time nurturing relationships you're cultivating. When people feel you're not making an effort when talking to them they'll immediately form a negative attitude towards you and your brand that will positively detract from a relationship ever forming.


The more I engage with people via various channels, the more I want to share content I think people will truly care about.  Not all of my engagement is organic.  Due to the nature of Twitter's need to be fed larger volumes of content than with other sites, I use a tool which releases quotes daily to help with generating fresh, new content in order to keep my target audience engaged and my Twitter account continuously active. And quite frankly I was amazed during the 30 day free trial at the response from tweeters to these quotes - my initial reaction being that some were saccharine beyond my acceptance level - in that people engage with them and send me messages telling me how much they enjoy them.  Clearly there is a market for everything.  These quotes have shown me people's motivations - it was an interesting lesson.


When I started using social media in 2015 - daily as opposed to on an ad hoc basis - the advice I got was that social media should be about connecting with people, not collecting people. I now network online more than at an actual physical networking event.  With both I take the time to have two-way conversations because quality over quantity is what works best in "real life" and the same is true for my online presence. I'm hoping people will be naturally attracted to my online platforms and will naturally want to find out more about my brand and will naturally want to work with me. 


If you would like to chat about crafting messages for the social platforms your prospects are using, contact me via my Contact page.





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