Dominic Matterson MD, Media 15 London, United Kingdom

"Finola stressed the importance of having a good LinkedIn profile to accurately position me, my skills and the value of what Media15 offers our customers. She advised what would make my profile more likely to be viewed, such as having a headline that outlines the problem we solve and makes our ideal prospect curious to know more. I recognise and acknowledge the importance of promoting brand awareness, both on and off-line, and I am therefore happy my LI profile now accurately represents my career trajectory over 30 years and how the journey has led to where I am today with my company."

Kevin Mathiaz MBA Toronto, Canada

"Throughout my career, despite having several roles in different organisations around the globe, I have had the pleasure of using Finola’s facilities and change management services to improve the business on several different projects.


Finola’s input into our digital strategies has demonstrated the importance of driving content on our digital channels and social platforms, which is where our customers are to be found. We took a different approach to customer engagement, from usage of hard-copies, forms, manual and classroom training sessions, converting to being more personal, more social and more digital.


As customers became more self-empowered conducting their research online, we have had to establish relationships well beyond the traditional methods of phone-calls and email and now reference all our good news with content on our digital channels. Now thanks to Finola and her techniques, we are finding our social media marketing to be a really good vehicle to get our content out to the people we want to engage with.


Moving our business practices online has helped us to cut down on time and not drain on our resources. Not only has Finola added value and reduced existing costs by more than 42% year on year, she has single handily improved our inefficiencies and streamlined our processes. I would have no hesitations in recommending Finola as a PR Consultant."

James J. Nolan B.E., Energy Engineered Solutions Dublin, London and Jeddah

"In the current energy market with such a diversity of technologies, it is important to us that we maximize the experience and talents of our family of engineers. We approached this with Finola to offer best match of Client requirements and expectations with our wealth of experience and developing technologies.  What has emerged from Finola is a blueprint that enables us to best match our engineers with a challenge presented by Clients to produce clear and concise assessments of energy projects from feedstock optimization to usage or sale of energy produced."

Mahyar Mortazavi BSc, CEO Wee Gems Holdings Ltd Edinburgh, Broxburn, Livingston, and Armadale

"Finola Sloyan has been managing the Facebook page for our four busy nurseries for the last six months; she has also created and promoted an advertising campaign for two different initiatives we decided to run as a business.  I am very happy with the highly professional and prompt service Finola provides for Wee Gems and delighted to recommend her as a digital marketer."

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