Letting go of the good, the bad and the ugly - Dr Diana Swann

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Diana is 87 yrs today and on the occasion of her birthday she said she'd written a poem. She has been writing poetry since the advent of lockdown and was happy for me to share her words about what (hopefully) happens as we age. Happy birthday Diana x

Old enough to know better It’s said that ‘Knowing better’ graces age. Better than what? To look before I leap, to think before I act, well- tried adage that’s stopping me from wading in too deep? Self-protection hides our world from sight, blocks sensation, damps our wish to slice through shame and loss, to throw the light precisely, cut the facet with a splice revealing gemstone sparks. I’m wiser now; the dwindling years destroy all pale pretence. Tolerance, acceptance of myself are how I overcome my craven self- defence. I now know better than to walk life’s maze in such an armoured, fearful, aimless daze.

Painting by Southsea artist, Kevin Dean https://www.instagram.com/kevinjdeano/

In the year Dame Judi Dench is the cover of Vogue magazine at 85 yrs - https://binged.it/2WFicUf - I am so happy to see that women of all ages remain visible in the middle of all the noise. Had she lived longer, Edith Piaf might have said "je suis bien dans ma peau" I feel good about myself or good in my skin. Diana added a footnote about the poem that "It's in strict Shakespearean sonnet form - 14 lines in lambic pentameter (5 Dum-Di metres in a line), a set rhyming scheme, a pause of some kind on the 9th line called a caesura, with a couplet at the end."

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