Duke of Edinburgh’s Funeral : Windsor April 2021

The Castle’s ancient stones had seen it all,

until today’s event. Glittering gold

insignia contrasts with the forest green

of the no-nonsense Land Rover designed

by the Duke to bear his coffin safely home.

The family procession recalls Lowry scenes,

their black, stick shapes anonymous via

long-distance lenses, their measured funereal

pace relentless in the day’s brash sun.

They seat the bird-like figure of the Queen,

her loneliness emphatic, flanked by empty

space. Her black Covid mask protects her

from the burden of our sympathetic gaze.

The Service music starts with four lone singers

who saturate St George’s Chapel’s heights

with echoing sound. The organ ushers in

‘Eternal Father’, sung heartfelt as never

before by the tiny royal congregation.

The Blessing over, we’re too moved to notice

that the Queen has quietly slipped away.

Author: Dr Diana Swann, written on Saturday, 17 April, 2021 "using iambic pentameters like Shakespeare’s blank verse…… "

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