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Content Management and The Science

Content management is the process of overall management of information in any format. It is typically used in reference to digital content. And involves the processes of collection, delivery, retrieval and governance.

Content may be in the form of images, audio, video and even multimedia content. With regards to digital content there is a corresponding tool and process for managing every category.

Types of Content Management

  • Social media content management: Social media content management tools help to create an organized social media marketing strategy with defined goals, and to analyse engagement. Some social media content management systems include; Sprout Social, Google Analytics and BuzzSumo.

  • Web content management: Web content management is used to create, manage and display webpages. A web content management system (WCMS) is a program that provides organizations with a way to manage digital information on a website without prior knowledge of web programming and can include components for a specific industry, such as a content management application (CMA) that automates the production of HTML.

  • Mobile content management: Mobile content management (MCM) provides secure access to corporate data on smartphones, tablets and other devices. The main components of MCM are file storage and file sharing.

  • Enterprise content management: An enterprise content management (ECM) system has components that help enterprises manage data effectively. ECM components are geared to goals such as streamlining access, eliminating bottlenecks and minimizing overhead, along with version control, routing, archiving, content governance and security.

An online presence is important for any business success; small businesses in particular. Websites have allowed businesses to promote and sell their products and services to a global audience without the expense of having a bricks and mortar store. Such benefits as an online presence allows businesses to remain competitive and invest in digital marketing. As not all business owners are comfortable with technology, the advantage of content management systems is that it allows businesses to build and manage a website in an easy and cost-effective way

Why Content Management System Is So Important and Why YOU Need IT.

Here, I present to you some reasons as to why CMS is useful for your cause;

Work more efficiently: You can build pages and sites in half the time it takes to build them from scratch. Time once spent designing can be spent publishing fresh content and optimizing pages.

Create standardized, uniform pages: Let’s face it. Everyone has his or her own tastes. Each designer on your team might have his or her own unique preferences, With templates, content management systems ensure that your content will be readable on every site visitor’s screen, regardless of their device. For example, a blogger could post their own content into the template including text styles, links and tags but could be restricted from making changes to the sidebar and header. This keeps pages uniform and reduces any risk that could be posed by template changes.

Streamline Your Workflow: Workflows aren’t always smooth, writers and web designers have to be in constant communication in order to publish content. With a CMS, simple templates allow content writers to plug content into the template and publish it themselves.

Content writers can easily insert links, text styles, alt tags, titles and meta descriptions, etc. right in their CMS text field – no codes necessary. This eliminates the need to issue work orders or request help from designers.

Optimize your pages for search results: Many content management systems, like HubSpot’s, allow you to optimize your title, content depth, keywords, meta descriptions and add call to actions all in a single text field. As you write your content, their smart CMS gives recommendations for best practices.


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