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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Tara with her brother, Rory.

Celebrated author, Juno Dawson, visited my niece's school, Portsmouth Grammar (PGS) this month and asked the Year 10 pupils to write in a single word where they come from. And then to add more words and phrases relating to the senses, favourite restaurants/takeaways and feelings.

In 15 minutes Tara wrote the following:

I come from a freezing environment, a synonym of England

I come from thick white Debenhams bed sheets to heal my frozen fingers

I come from a savoury lifestyle, with carrs water crackers as my default snack.

I come from White Company winter candles, used to mask the smell of burnt eggs

I come from Sunday roasts, a method to fit in with a traditional English family

I come from perfectly shaped bay trees, which act as a magnet to nosey Southsea mothers

I come from bingeing Gossip Girl, in a way to blend real problems with fictional ones

I come from Earl grey tea, which always seems to get too cold through excess amounts of milk

I come from endless Einaudi piano pieces, in which I am never able to achieve the right tempo

I come from loving parents who set way too high expectation of old fashioned romance in Dublin

Of interest ..... Tara's aunt was Hilary Bell, who tragically died too young https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilary_Bell_(television_producer) | Hilary's many accomplishments included winning a BAFTA.

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