Surviving and Thriving in the Construction Industry - Initiafy’s Toronto Breakfast Briefing

Left - Right:

  • Daniel Thorpe, Tennis Canada

  • Kyle Craig, Health and Safety Manager, Plan Group

  • Aaron Olsen, Health and Safety Manager, Industrial Scaffold

  • Kevin Mathiasz, Global Business Development Manager, Initiafy

  • Cody Craig, Health and Safety Manager, Plan Group

  • Steven Thrasher, Director of Health and Safety Manager, Plan Group

  • Sean Fennell, CEO, Initiafy

An exciting and informative breakfast briefing on ‘Surviving and Thriving in the Construction Industry’ was held in the TD Tower in downtown Toronto on November 29th. Several health and safety professional discussed how technological change is impacting the future of the hard hat industry.

Kevin Mathiasz has helped to pioneer Initiafy’s growth into the Canadian market, with the company having experienced growth of 275% in its Canadian operations since his arrival two years ago. Those in attendance received practical advice directly related to the current state of the construction industry, as well as a delicious breakfast and excellent opportunities for networking.

Initiafy CEO Sean Fennell chaired the event, and the briefing kicked off with a presentation from Clive Thurston, President of the Ontario General Contractors Association. Thurston spoke about the relationship between owners and contractors and how to optimize this relationship to add value and create a continuous and profitable business. He addressed several challenges to the business including health and safety, attracting the younger generation to work in construction, and how to improve the procurement process.

In an interview conducted by Kevin Mathiasz with Aaron Olsen, they discussed the challenges the company faced introducing new technology, and how they overcame them. Industrial Scaffold, a company which has been a trusted partner on major turnaround and maintenance projects for over 25 years, has been reducing costs and streamlining their orientations with Initiafy for 2 years. Olsen discussed the positive effects that come from having a more flexible, cloud-based system like Initiafy to onboard contractors.

L-R: Kevin Mathiasz and Aaron Olsen providing practical advice about the challenges Industrial Scaffold Service faced introducing new technology and how they overcame them.

About: Initiafy is an online platform that modernises the practice of contractor approval and induction. Managing and onboarding the large contingent workforce necessary for construction projects is a major logistical challenge for construction firms. Initiafy, a Dublin based company founded in 2012, realised that the traditional onboarding system used in the ‘hard-hat’ industry was inefficient and ripe for transformation. Offices in NYC and London. Kevin landed in Canada and opened the first regional office in Toronto 2 years ago.

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