How to Turn Tweets into Measurable Actions

Somebody recently told me about their social media campaign and how it “did nothing”.

And I’m sure there are many such campaigns.

So how do you (with few followers) create a campaign that people interact with or better still generates meetings. First and foremost, you need good content.

Before we go any further, I think I need to define “good content”.

Think of content as a conversation | Now do the content test | Organise a “content” dinner party and tell people you will be reading your content to the table.

First, has anybody turned up? If like me, they are probably “washing their hair” that night, you have a problem. No arguments. If people won’t come to your content dinner party, why are they going to read the content on-line. You may have the best products in the world (every company does), but to be honest, nobody cares.

So now you need to change your content so at least a few people turn up and then you might get some feedback (positive and negative).

Now we have sorted your content, the tweets will flow. What do I mean by that? The author of the content, writes the tweets. Having somebody write tweets who isn’t connected to the original content is a big mistake. They don’t get the context, the sub message, and other important elements. So many times, I’ve seen great content turned bad by poor tweets.

If you are writing content, you must also control the tweet creation process.

So, you have your content, you have your tweets, you just need to know where you want the content to go. Who do you want to read it?

From there you can define the hashtags. Hashtags are amazing, as they allow you to “move” the content through social networks. Don’t overuse them as they can make a tweet unreadable and ‘spammy’ looking. Don’t forget to use as many of the (140) characters available (increased to 180 since article was written).

NB: Think about your buyer’s journey and target market. People often use terms they are comfortable with, not what their buyers will use. I’m aware of a marketer, for example, who uses #leadgeneration as a hashtag, obvious if you are in marketing. But the content is directed at salespeople and they would never use that hashtag.

So, there you have it. By creating great content, great tweets and using hashtags you can make sure that your social media posts will give you inbound leads and engagement.

This all sounds hard work? It is, there is no social media magic bullet. Just posting something on social media does not mean it goes viral.

If I buy a gym membership it does not make me slim, I have to go, get on the rowing machine, change my diet and use a personal trainer to help me.

Author is Tim Hughes, Social Selling Pioneer, @Timothy_Hughes

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