LinkedIn - 500 Million People Now Have A LinkedIn Profile - Tips for Yours.

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Any business person not on LinkedIn is missing a trick.

Yesterday I had a skype call with a business man in Spain and like so many others, he thought LinkedIn was a HR tool and not the powerful networking tool that it is. And also like so many others, he has a good business in a very competitive market - golf, Southern Spain - and therefore has a continuous battle to gain competitive edge and market share. It’s important to be visible on the channels your prospects are using, giving you the chance to be a part of their conversations


Your website is your window to world – no doubt – and I will share vital tips on what the absolute basics are for any site, but not today. Today I want to talk about LinkedIn.

So, what should an individual’s LinkedIn profile look like - in order to catch the attention of your ideal prospect?

  • A personal profile should create a powerful and consistent message that accurately reflects what you do and speak directly to your ideal prospect, starting with your Headline. Your Headline should tell your prospect how you can help them.

  • The Summary section is usually the most read section of a LinkedIn profile, so make sure to strategically plan which keywords and key phrases you want to get found for. These same words should appear across all digital channels you are using so that there is consistency in your messaging.

  • Construct the Experience section of your profile to highlight key and relevant experience that position you as an expert to be worked with and respected. Previous experiences should lead to where you are now. This helps to establish trust, which is all-important for building relationships.

  • You need to design a profile structure that matches a prospect’s buying process and effortlessly leads qualified prospects through your sales funnel; whether that is to phone you - include your direct contact details in your Summary section - or arrive at a specific landing page on your website.

  • Bear in mind: you never want to be too promotional or come across as pushy, but if you are consistently helpful and engaged, prospects will likely be interested. Gaining leads and qualifying them via social media is a fine art – to make the most of it, simply be a helpful human presence on social channels, particularly LinkedIn.

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