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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

A story about a millennial caught my attention. She married someone at 21 but didn’t want to live with him, nor had she told her family about him. She loved him before they married but believed herself to be incapable of feeling love “in its gentler, post-honeymoon form”. In this access-all-areas life that so many of us have slipped into via Instagram and other platforms, there is the feeling our lives ought to be fantastic every single minute of every single day. Twenty-first-century life has created drama junkies, pining for everything, satisfied with nothing. One bad day at work and millennials want to jack their whole career in. A single setback can seem like the end is nigh.

@SimonSinek said millennials are tough to manage and are accused of being entitled, and that we are growing up in a #Facebook #Instagram world and are good at putting filters on things, that life is amazing - even though I’m depressed! Watch Sinek's YouTube video about the 'Millennial Question'.

Prescribing quiet. Boringness. Positive mundanity. Stop to experience the simple pleasures – a mooch around a good art gallery without bragging about it on social media, remove ourselves from our laptops to read the Sunday papers for hours - and in writing this I admit I haven't bought a #newspaper in a very long time - listen to good music while doing the hobby we enjoy . Whatever it is, give ourselves a chance to think and enjoy being away from the drama, tedium, mundane.

If we like ourselves during the dull moments, we’ll be less afraid to enjoy them with someone else.

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