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Communicating on Squalk

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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I’ve been using Squalk for a year and at Christmas, I asked a couple of my WhatsApp groups to give it a go. There was reluctance – why change something that works – but the two groups went along with it and there was little fuss; questions were asked, yes, but we all got the hang of it. It works well for groups for sharing messages, notes, views, documents, photos or films because with https and AES 256 secured only the sender and recipient will ever see them.

What initially appealed to me though, which made me want to check it out, is that the mobile app doesn’t store users’ data. When I installed the app, all that was needed was my phone number and an image for friends to recognise me. My data is mine. Squalk recognises this.

Communicating on Squalk image

I am writing about Squalk today because of how vital communication is right now, with not being able to visit friends and family. Calls, Video Calls and Messaging are free between users on Squalk. So if you have immediate family and friends living in other countries, as I do, invite them to download the app so that you can keep in touch for free with other Squalkers.

Unlike most other communication apps, with Squalk you can call anyone, anywhere in the world at any time and on any Network, it really doesn’t matter. Voice calls, video calls and messaging between Squalk users is free* when you use Wi-Fi or your Mobile data. But unlike others, if you want to call somebody not on Squalk you can and it will always be up to an incredible 95% cheaper than your usual network provider.

Have a look at Squalk’s website for more details

*Data charges may apply. Ask your provider for details. Ensure the person you call answers on the Squalk App so that it’s free.

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